Tax refund in Poland

If you have worked or are working in Poland, there is a good chance that you have an obligation to calculate income tax.

We are engaged in processing tax settlements from Poland. Our service is addressed to people who have legally worked in the country and whose employers have paid advance income tax on their earnings. Thanks to cooperation with us you can make tax refunds in Poland. We provide support at all stages of the process.

Formalities for calculating tax from Poland

It is important to know that in Poland the tax office calculates your income taxes automatically. But remember, the automatic calculation does not take into account the benefits to which you are entitled. If they are taken into account, the result of your tax calculation in Poland will be favorable for you.

Each calculation is individualized. We, specialists with more than 15 years of experience, take into account all the benefits so that you get the maximum tax refund. There may be a situation where you need to pay extra tax as a result. In this situation we guarantee that we will minimize the amount of extra tax you need to pay, as much as possible.

The tax must be calculated by the end of April. We always calculate tax in the current year for the previous year. For the calculation you need document PIT-11 (certificate of income, on the basis of which you fill in PIT-37), which must be provided to you by your employer by the end of February.


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Our clients have received an average of 987 € as a refund – check if you can get Poland tax refund.

The cost of tax settlement from Poland:

PIT 37 by prepayment

Polish tax
settlement PIT-37:
150 PLN/35 €

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A tax refund is nothing more than a tax settlement from the previous tax year that results in a refund of overpaid tax.

The calculation requires a PIT-11 (proof of income) document, which your employer must provide to you by the end of February.

If you have received a PIT-11 income certificate, you must fill out a PIT-37 declaration and send it to the tax office in Poland by the due date.

The tax in Poland paid by your employer may vary in amount. It happens that in cases where the employer does not pay taxes to the tax office, the calculation may contain a surcharge. The amount of tax paid and its ratio to the total income will significantly affect the amount of reimbursement.

It is not always possible to get back all the tax paid in a given tax year. Remember that every country wants you to pay as much tax as possible in that country, and each individual country has different tax laws. This means that all tax returns always require a customized approach.

If the tax return shows expenses incurred and also tax credits (in which you have the right), taxpayers can expect a larger tax refund or avoid the surcharge.

We will carefully recalculate your income and analyze how much tax your employer have paid. We will also take into account the expenses you have incurred and, on the basis of the documents you send us, we will calculate how much tax you can get back.

Calculating the tax is easy! There are different ways to get a refund on the tax you paid. To get a refund of the taxes you have paid, use the fastest and most convenient method of online calculation. This is in case you have a PESEL or NIP - submission is possible online. How it works? By creating an account on TimeTax Online Platform , you will minimize formalities and we will verify all your details explicitly.

Once we receive your documents, we will analyze your case, calculate the maximum possible refund amount, and send your tax return to the Tax Office (Polski Urząd Skarbowy). In the meantime, you can wait for your refund in peace.

When filing your tax return, you will basically need: a tax card from your employer (income statement, PIT-11, which your employer must provide you by the end of February), correct number of your bank account and, also, proof of expenses incurred (for example invoices from your Internet Service Provider).

It is often not necessary to have a Polish bank account. However, keep in mind that the Polish Tax Office handles transfers in Polish currency (PLN). Also, if a transfer in a foreign currency is credited to your account (which is not PLN), your bank is likely to convert it at a rate that is disadvantageous to you. Therefore, you should consider whether it is better to use a Polish bank account for tax refund in Poland.

Yes, of course you can do it! For citizens who have worked/are working in Poland there is a possibility to indicate child benefits. It's the simpliest way to get back higher amount of taxes for working in Poland.

In this case, you can get additional tax relief from PLN 1,112.04 per year to PLN 2,700 per year - depending on the number of children. In order to receive such a refund, income of two of the parents should not be bigger than PLN 112,000.00 for the the tax year being settled.

Among other things, it is possible to receive the benefit for adult children up to the age of 25. This can happen if the child continued their studies and their income during tax year and did not exceed PLN 16,061.28 income per tax year.

What are the most popular exemptions when calculating tax in Poland?

You can use few of them in your declaration, but most popular are:

  • child benefit,
  • internet allowance,
  • donations to non-governmental organizations.

Therefore, if you can take advantage of these benefits, be sure to include them in your declaration. What happens if you take advantage of the exemptions? In most cases, after you add them to your tax return, you can get a bigger tax refund (or minimize the tax payable at the Polish Tax Office).

The fact is that filing tax returns is mandatory in many countries. Often, the law requires us to file a tax return by the due date each year. Thanks to that, we may avoid a penalty from a foreign tax inspectorate caused by failure to file a PIT tax return.

In Poland, a taxpayer must file an annual PIT return by April 30 of the year following the tax year.

Most calculations show that settling PIT by citizens of countries other than Poland will result in a tax refund. This makes it worth submitting a tax return! Settling PIT-37 and taking into account the reliefs you can expect a nice ammount of money!

If PIT tax settelment are filed electronically - your tax return can be paid within maximum 45 days.

If PIT tax settelment are filed in hard copy form - your tax return can be paid within 3 months.

In Poland, it is possible to quickly check the status of a electronically filed PIT settelment. All you need to do is to log into your Electronic Tax Office (e-urząd Skarbowy) and check whether the transfer has already been made.

If the tax refund procedure will take longer than expected - please contact us.

Have you submitted a declaration and find out that you need to correct errors or add something? You can do this by making corrections to the PIT declaration and informing what is the reason of your correction.

During that, do not forget to check if your personal data is correct. If, for example, your bank account or residential address has changed, you will also need to make corrections.

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